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New Senators Martha Deacon and Yvonne Boyer: Congratulations on Appointments

Hon. Joseph A. Day (Leader of the Senate Liberals): Honourable colleagues, I join with my other colleagues in welcoming our new senators to this august body. Martha (Marty) Deacon and Dr. Yvonne Boyer both represent the province of Ontario.

Senator Deacon, you are a long-time educator, a former teacher, a principal and a coach. You have represented our country on the world stage through your role in amateur sports, as we’ve heard about, including as chef de mission at the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

You said in a recent interview that you wanted to be a senator because of your interest in a number of areas, such as Canadians’ health, mental health and safety. I can assure you that you’ll have the opportunity to work on those issues here.

Senator Boyer, you too bring a wealth of skills and experience to the Senate. You are a lawyer with your own practice, a part-time university law professor, and Associate Director of the University of Ottawa Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics. You have been a champion for improving health care for Indigenous peoples in Canada. A member of the Métis Nation of Ontario, you are Ontario’s first Indigenous senator, an occasion for which we have waited too long.

I can assure you both that you will find colleagues in this chamber who share your interest and passion for making a difference in the lives of Canadians. Dedicated, experienced and hard-working individuals abound on both sides of this chamber. Every one of us is proud to serve in the Senate, trying to make our provinces, our regions and the country a better place for everyone.

As you will know, we are in the midst of major reforms here in this institution. It is a very interesting time to serve, and I have no doubt that each of you will put your talents and experience to good use as we go forward together.

Again, on behalf of my Independent Liberal colleagues, welcome to the Senate of Canada. We look forward to working with you.

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